The Ray Collins Charitable Trust seeks to contribute to the people in our local area in which we live and work, in a variety of ways. We aim to carry out our charitable purposes for local people and local causes.

Who we are

The Trust has been set up by Ray Collins, alongside seven friends: Phil and Sarah Tynan, Kate McCormack, Tracy Wilson, Matt Donaldson, Laura Beale and April Moore.
Emily Kemper of EK Graphics provides her fantastic services for free and is another valued member of our team.

Our charitable donations and community initiatives facilitate projects so the trustees can provide important medical or necessary equipment and in some cases grants of money.

The Trust is a non-profit organisation and a registered charity, with all decisions taken by the Trustees for the good of our chosen causes and individuals in need, in line with our criteria.

All of the Trustees are volunteering their time, and no fees will be paid to any of the committee members.

How we help

The charitable donations made by the Ray Collins Charitable Trust focus on the relief of loneliness and poverty of elderly and vulnerable people, and on the relief and assistance of sick, disabled, injured and needy people in Wantage and surrounding villages.

We also help local volunteer groups who help people in line with our criteria.

We provide home or garden makeovers, and household appliances or furnishings for the public benefit.

The Trustees organise Christmas Day and Easter Sunday dinners, day trips and outings, Easter egg collections, and Christmas hamper deliveries.

To raise funds to help achieve our purposes and bring people together, we organise fun days and an annual carnival, quiz nights, bake sales, sponsored walks, concerts and various other fun activities.

Details of all our events will appear on this website.

Who we help

We consider applications from members of the public, carers, local day centres, local neighbourhood police teams, local surgeries, local nurseries and schools.

Recipients of grants must be living in Wantage and surrounding villages within a five mile radius. Our typical grants are under £1,000.

Funding application forms can be downloaded from our website (click here for the pdf file) or can be sent via email, on request.

We do not fund:

  • other registered charities
  • individuals who are looking for sponsorship for fundraising activities
  • initiatives that involve people participating in dangerous activities, such as extreme sports
  • anyone who discriminates against people on the grounds of race, age, religion, physical or mental ability or gender
  • political organisations and campaigns
  • any initiative that is outside of the criteria outlined above

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Please note that this website is dedicated to promoting the Trust’s events and chosen charitable purposes only.

Here’s to many years ahead of helping, kindness, compassion and fun!

Ray Collins BCA